iPad Apps for Real Estate Agents Class Recap

This video will go over the iPad apps that were discussed at the Grand Canyon Title Agency’s technology summit. Need help with your iPad? Give me a call 602-405-0596.

Kodak Zi8 video edited with iMovie on iPad

This video is a demonstration that you don’t need to spend a fortune to shoot great video. In this video I used a Kodak Zi8 set on 720p. I then upload the video clips directly to iMovie on the iPad. If you don’t have a Mac and have an iPad, I think you will find […]

Pinnacle Studio for iPad Tutorial

This is a video tutorial about how to use Pinnacle Studio on the iPad. If you are interested in video editing on a PC I would recommend the PC version. It has many similarities to iMovie and probably more creative options as well. The iPad version is fairly similar to the PC version so you […]

How to upload to YouTube from iMovie on iPad

In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to upload a video from iMovie on the iPad to YouTube.

Turn Your iPad into a Second Monitor

I’m on the road alot with my job as a title rep. The problem was that in my home office I got used to working on 2 screens. So to go to one screen caused a noticeable drop in productivity. The solution was an app for my iPad called Air Display. As you can see […]