Simple Search Engine Optimization for Realtors

Getting To The Top Of The Search Engines. Is Being #1 Worth The Investment? Grand Canyon Title Agency and The Lending Company will be hosting a special event that will be led by Real Estate SEO Guru Dale Stouffer. There are tons of SEO experts out there but few that can claim to be an […]

Why Trulia and Zillow Outrank You

The silent killer to your real estate website rankings could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. What I mean by this is that you may be making a deal with the devil when it comes to putting real estate aggregator widgets on your website. Lets start with a few basics to how high search engine […]

How to Add Google Analytics to a WordPress Genesis Theme

How to add Google Analytics to a StudioPress Genesis theme WordPress website

Keyword Research for Realtors

This video tutorial will cover how a real estate agent should look for keywords to optimize for on their websites. You do not need to buy anything you just need to use the Google Free Keyword tool and the SEO quake addon for fire fox. The sweet spot for real estate agents when it comes […]

Google Video on Doing SEO

I typically make all of my own videos but I thought this was a well done and concise video on how to get started with SEO if you are new to it. The video was done by a Google employee Maile Ohye. I think she does a great job of explaining what seems complicated to […]

SEO video by Matt Cutts from Google

SEO Video by Matt Cutts from Google