How Long Does It Take For A Website To Be Successful



If you are thinking that you are going to be an overnight sensation with your website, think again.  There is no secret to online success except for being persistent and consistent.  I started a website for my wife just over a year ago at

When we first started there was nothing and it took a lot of prodding to get my wife to write content for the website.  The problem is that in the beginning you will do a lot of work with very little return.  You have to be willing to keep working even though there will probably not be a payback until a long ways in the future.  Article after article, to date we have published over 70 articles and 5 videos.  You need to have a lot of content if you expect to receive any decent organic traffic from the search engines.

The site went from no visitors to nearly 700 a month and growing.  The results are 3-5 inquires a week with nearly 20% of those turning into clients.  I would say now that the work is just beginning.  After your site has been around awhile you begin to gain more favor from Google and the other search engines.  I have seen our search engine placements in Google steadily rise for some very active and popular search terms in the niche.  I only expect this to improve over time.

The moral of the story is that you need to keep working on your website and not expect a return for at least a year.  All of the websites that I have worked on that have done anything didn’t really take off until the 12 month mark.  I think a lot of that has to do with the search engines seeing that you have been online for awhile and have published quality content and not spam.  Google does know the difference.  If you are not going to put quality information online you should probably not waste your time.  You will probably not be rewarded.

A good web strategy is more than just posting articles and content on your website.  You need to also have your eye on creating backlinks as well as an active social media strategy.  If you are interested in a consultation on creating an overall web strategy please call 1-888-368-6668.

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