Keyword Research for Realtors

This video tutorial will cover how a real estate agent should look for keywords to optimize for on their websites. You do not need to buy anything you just need to use the Google Free Keyword tool and the SEO quake addon for fire fox. The sweet spot for real estate agents when it comes to SEO is a local volume of 3000 searches and no more than 400,000 competing websites in the Google Search Results.

The riches are in the niches. You do not need to capture the top tier searches like Scottsdale Real Estate. Those terms are going to be hard to get. People have been working on those terms for years. I would rather have a bunch of more specific terms than gamble on the bigger broader terms. You’ll do better faster going after the niches anyway. I’m not saying to not go for the bigger keywords only that you may be disappointed with the results.

I am a digital marketing for a title company in Arizona. If you would like assistance with your web marketing strategy please give me a call at 602-405-0596.


  1. ephrem says:

    Great tutorial Dave. I downloaded seo quake and im starting to do my research on the keywords im using!

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