Outlook Not Working Using Windows 8 and Cox ISP

I know that title is a mouthful but the problem was very frustrating. I just got my wife a new touchscreen Windows 8 laptop. She has been using Outlook for years for her business and wasn’t interested in switching. Outlook worked great on Windows 7 but would not send email on the Windows 8 operating system. Cox said that it would not work for Outlook and that you needed to use Thunderbird Mail Client. One think I discovered is that when I used my Verizon Hot Spot email would send just fine. The issue was in fact with Cox and not the operating system. I wish I was an egghead and could tell you the reason why but I can’t. I did find a work around however. When I used the SSL setting and the 465 Port in the advanced settings on the mail account set up in Outlook it sent just fine on Cox.

I wouldn’t have guessed an upgraded operating system would mess up your email like this but there always seems to be something goofy with every change or update to an operating system. I remember going from Windows XP to Vista 64 bit, my $600 printer did not have a driver that could run on a 64 bit machine. The printer is still in my laundry room. I’ll leave that one to progress I guess.

Hope this tip helps.

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