The Real Estate Market in AZ has Changed, has your Marketing?

Feeling Lonely

The market has changed so your real estate marketing should also move with the times as well. The internet is changing the way that real estate is being conducted. If you can’t be found online you may be noticing that your phone is not ringing like it used to. Your designations will not help you get found online only your website and social media will. If you plan on staying in the business and haven’t started a digital marketing plan, time is wasting. The more you wait to get started the farther and farther will get behind.

I Need More Leads in order to

Don’t look at it as something to do. It can actually be fun. If you turn it into something you have to do in order to get leads you may last two weeks. Who needs more to do. You website and digital marketing should be about your self expression and what lights you up. What is your passion and what do you want to share with the world. This is what people want to read. The world doesn’t need another boring real estate website. If you don’t like to write maybe video would be the right direction. Video is used by less than 2% of real estate agents. Many Realtors find that creating video expresses their artistic side. Whatever it is you just need to get started and discover what will light you up.

Don’t worry about getting it right

I look at some of my earliest blog posts and videos and wondered who did those. The truth is that the more that you do the better you will get and the less time it will take you. After awhile it will just be a habit. Don’t worry about making mistakes, just dive and and do it.

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