The Title Rep of the Future

Title Rep of The Future

The real estate business is constantly changing. This also holds true for the title business as well. When I was a real estate agent back in the 90’s, (Yes, I do understand what it is like to do your job but without an iPad) I used to see these people coming down the hall with flyers and cookies. They were title marketing reps. I had no idea what they did, I used to find them annoying. I was already working with an escrow officer. That’s all I needed. At that time I used to make my own marketing materials. I had a $2000 IBM laser printer that was better than anything out there at the time.  There was nothing they could give me that was better than what I could make myself.

Phoenix is one of the most competitive real estate markets in the country and not just for buying and selling real estate. The Title and Mortgage business also wants their share of that market. Great rates and great service will no longer cut it as your marketing pitch. You’re supposed to have that, that’s an expectation not a service. The title marketing rep of the future will need to be able to add value to your business. The title rep of the future must and will possess the following skills;

  1. They will need to be web saavy
  2. They will need to be versed in Search Engine Optimization
  3. They will be knowledgeable in video and video optimization and marketing
  4. They will need to understand content marketing
  5. They will need to be knowledgeable in Pay Per Click advertising
  6. They will need to understand how to use WordPress
  7. They will need to understand Hub Marketing
  8. They will need to understand how to edit images
  9. They will need to know HTML, CSS, PHP and Database
  10. Bottom Line – They will need to be able to help you make more Sales!!!!!!

Luckily you wont have to wait for the future, the future is here now. My name is Dave Mason and I’m a title rep for Grand Canyon Title Agency. As a Title Rep of the future I can help you with your digital marketing needs now. I have years as a WordPress developer, Website developer, Search Engine Optimization, Video Production, Video Optimization, Image editing, Photoshop,  and Real Estate marketing. If your title company can’t provide this level of consultation it’s time to move. I would be happy to meet with you to see how I can help you get found for the niches you want to get found for online.


  1. I 100% agree. I can’t tell you how many times a real estate agent has said “you’re a title rep?!”. They thought all we did was speak about our escrow officers, great rates or offer a free lunch. You were very nice in your article, I won’t be: if you are a title rep that has made direct mail, your escrow officers or how financially sound your company is – your selling proposition, you are already out of this business, you just don’t know it yet.

    What will you do when an agent needs help growing their business when 98% of consumers start their home search on the Internet? Offer them sports schedules? Magnets? Labels? How will you help them? In sales, you are only as good as your product, the title rep of the future IS the product. If you are feeling vulnerable right now (and you should be) you should find a title company that can teach you the new marketing rules. In Phoenix, that company is Grand Canyon Title.

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