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SEO Advantages of Using YouTube

SEO and YouTube

Using YouTube for SEO

Being on YouTube and other video sites can have a huge impact on traffic to your website.  YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google and ahead of Bing and Yahoo.  YouTube receives over 2 billion views a day according to  Video content is 50x more likely to appear on the first page of Google than text content according to Forrester Research.

Google search now offer blended search results.  This is a combined result of text and video results in the Search Engine Result Placements.

Benefits of Using Video over plain text content online;

  • Video is more dynamic than plain text.  People connect with people not websites.  Good video content can deliver an experience of your company that plain text simply cannot provide.  “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”
  • Video content has a 50x higher chance of landing on the first page of Google than plain text.
  • Video can provide your customers with a higher level of customer service.
  • In many cases making video content is quicker than writing it.
  • Video content can be distributed online on a massive scale.
  • Video content can often deliver traffic quicker than text content
  • Video websites like YouTube are extremely effective in delivering traffic to your website and business.

Scope of Services

Creating a video can take many forms.  We have the ability to;

  1. Create a video from a Power Point presentation   CobbleStone Auto Spa Video
  2. Create a screencast from your computer
  3. Create a video from a video camera   Glimmerman Auto Care
  4. Train you to do it yourself

Search Engine Optimization and YouTube

If your video cannot be found online it is of no use in an organic search strategy.  We offer Search Engine Optimization specifically designed for video.  People search for video much differently than they do text content.

Distribution of your Video to Multiple Video Distribution Websites

Youtube is a great start but there are over 50 video websites online including Viddler and Vimeo.  We can distribute the same video to these multiple video websites creating additional traffic and SEO value for your website.  There is no such thing as having too much content online.

How to use Youtube in your business

Video has other uses other than just getting traffic to your website.  Consider that video can be a great tool for training employees, educating your customers or just even improving your level of customer service.

Take a look at what you spend the most amount of time on in dealing with your customers or prospects.  You are probably having the same conversation over and over.  This is probably taking up your valuable time and time is money.  If your customers are continually asking you the same question or questions repeatedly, consider creating a video or a series of videos to handle the most common issues and concerns.  Obviously you cannot handle everything with a video but it will save your client and prospect  time and frustration of having to get a hold of someone.  It will save you time because you do not have to pick up the phone and spend time talking to the customer when you could be spending time developing new business.

Grand Canyon Title sample video

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