Why You Need Video for Your Real Estate Business

Less than 2% of Realtors nationally are using video as part of their marketing. The opportunity for video in your Real Estate business is enormous. Aside from being a great visual tool, it is also great for your search engine optimization. Youtube is the #2 search engine. Sorry Yahoo and Bing. If you have noticed you will see video results in Google. Google owns Youtube, are you starting to get the connection?

The problem agents have when competing online for ranking for their listings are the big aggregtators like Zillow and Trulia. You can put a property address in Google and it is a pretty good bet that Zillow and Trulia will come up in the top spots. The table is turned when you put a video of your listing into Youtube. This is why it is important to start doing video, for ranking. You are fifty times more likely to gain a number one ranking with video than with text content. Your sellers will love you for it as well.

If you need assistance with your video efforts please give me a call. Below is a sample that I just did for one of my clients.

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