Why Your Website Doesn’t Work class, May 15th

Why Your Website Doesn’t Work and What WordPress Can Do About It.

WordPress Training Phoenix

WordPress Training

May 15th at Academy Mortgage, 1pm – 3pm      Alison Dosek is the host, 480-648-6762

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15333 N Pima Rd #205
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Ever wonder why some agents get business from their websites and others don’t – and it seems like you never have?
Ever thought about what kind of website you should get just starting out in your real estate career?

Who should come to this class?
If you fall into either situation: an agent with a website that isn’t working, or you’re brand new and are thinking about a website then this class is for you.
What will you learn in this class:
We first explain how some websites “make it” while others don’t. Having a website work for you while you are sleeping, showing clients houses etc. is necessary in today’s real estate industry.
You’ll learn how to identify the issues with your website that stop it from making you money. With this knowledge you should be able to correct issues with your current site, or know that you need to migrate from your current website provider to a better one.
You’ll learn about the different types of website traffic and where it comes from
Once you learn about traffic sources we’ll talk about how to get it to your website
You’ll learn that most real estate sites (including most “free” company provided websites) are setup in ways that stop them from being found in the search engines and no matter how hard you try to fix it you won’t be able to.
You’ll learn that most company provided websites don’t “belong” to you.
You’ll learn how to properly optimize your website to get it found in Google, Yahoo and Bing
You’ll learn the best technology solutions for your next website which includes WordPress (yes you’ll see a demo of the administration area and how easy it is to manage your own website)
You’ll learn what’s the best way to display property listings in your website.
When you are done with this class you’ll know whether you are heading down the “right” path with your current website if you already have one. If you don’t have one, you’ll learn about the direction you need to go.

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